I’ve been biking to work for two years now. I got tired of feeling guilty about not exercising so I’ve tied it into something I do every weekday — and that’s get my Armenian booty to the office. (I put that qualifier in there so you’d have a visual of a Kardashian bum— you’re welcome.)

I take a hiatus from Halloween to Easter roughly, because my Armenian genes are not a fan of the cold, but then as soon as I feel that snap of spring in the air, I get back on my love, which I’ve affectionately named Donna Summer. You can follow our adventures on Instagram at #thedonnadiaries.

Anyway, as I’m starting to build a bit of a portfolio here (and starting to write more regularly in this space), I’ll be adding more of these in. Here’s the original story on Chatelaine.

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About nadinesilverthorne

Long-time blogger (since 2004), writer, editor, digital media strategist and currently the director of product management at a big media company. Poet-souled home cook, bike commuter, mama, shoe hoarder, lover of words and feelings.




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