About me

The formal: Nadine Silverthorne is a media professional, creating click-worthy content and digital strategies for companies and websites since 2001. She has worked for exciting brands and publications like HGTV.ca, FoodTV.ca, Alliance Films, Canadian Geographic, Canadian Family, Random House of Canada and Sweetspot.ca. She spent many happy years at Today’s Parent, helping drive the success of that brand in the digital and social space with the best people in the business (and offer her two cents on parenting, daily). Currently, she is the Director of Product Management for Rogers Media, taking business objectives and turning them into digital solutions with her incredible team of talented Product Owners. She lives in Toronto with her family, and one entitled cat.

The informal: I should be in bed right now. Or quitting blogging altogether and get busy writing my damn book already. Everyone’s asleep, even the obstinate cat.

I am a writer, editor, and a digital media junkie, and therefore nocturnal. I am Armenian, and therefore afraid of my own shadow. I hear raccoons on the roof. Every ache or pain means I must have a serious condition. I do like long walks on the beach, but only if the weather conditions are just right. I smile HUGE and sleep open-mouthed and I rock out with my… erm… heart on my sleeve. I have a daughter with a wacky cerebrovascular disease and a son who is an old man in a child’s body (we call him Benjamin Button). I like Sriracha and the Spice Girls. I’m often found on one journey of self-discovery or another. You can follow along if you’d like.

I’m aging and not writing as often as I’d like, but I’m hoping 2018 changes that. At least the writing part.

Join the conversation! 2 Comments

  1. I just read the Rene article on aging. I am turning 37 in a few short weeks and yes much of my time has been spent thinking about how old I look. I love your view on aging, It makes me feel less alone in the aging game. I too have a wonderful husband and three beautiful and fun children. I count my blessings each day. I have decided to read my body`s aging process like a good book on the life I have led thus far. I want to thank you Nadine, for your view on this matter. Thank-You!

    • No problem! Thanks for the wonderful compliment. As you can see from posts here, I’ve only been tinkering a bit with my private thoughts after the illness of my daughter last year. Haven’t really promoted this blog, so good on you for finding it! And yes, we need to celebrate getting older, but man is it hard! Let’s have more conversations like this so we can’t change the way people see aging. Thanks again for your comment Joyce. 🙂


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