I’ve been biking to work for two years now. I got tired of feeling guilty about not exercising so I’ve tied it into something I do every weekday — and that’s get my Armenian booty to the office. (I put that qualifier in there so you’d have a visual of a Kardashian bum— you’re welcome.) […]

It’s been two years since our ordeal with Moyamoya began and frankly, I’m still processing it. I have some deep-rooted trauma about all that happened to our beautiful daughter and to us, as a family. I am still figuring out how to live our lives with this layered on top of all the normal stresses […]

My beautiful aunt passed away a week ago. I was given the honour of giving her eulogy, and as my colleague Sue said, “It’s the last thing you’ll ever get to do for her.” So Sue, I thought of you before I gave that speech and it took the strength of my grandmothers in heaven […]


I no longer know how to be in the world. You know in the movie The Matrix when Keanu Reeves character, Neo, has the plug pulled out of the back of his head? And instantly he’s brought out of the dream state he was in and back into reality? This is how it is to […]

I am mostly good this week. I say mostly because I will never again be able to say, “I’m good” and mean it. Or at least it doesn’t feel like it right now. Every time I let a little loose, I get too flexible on the rules, something goes wrong on my watch. The thing […]

Having a child go through major surgery, having a family go through major crisis, well it’s a bit like having a new baby. Everyone is around at first, bringing gifts, food, offering help. But then six weeks go by, then two months, then three and no one seems to be around anymore. They convince themselves […]

Pulled out from under my feet. The very next day after writing that post where I was obsessing about all the things I want to do and me me me me ME! I can’t write about it in great detail here, if for no other reason than I think it should be a memoir. I […]

I have a tendency to make my life harder than it needs to be. Turning 39 is a prime example. (The number 39 is not a prime, but a composite number. I know because I had to look it up.) Anyway, I recently turned 39 and felt a bit panicked. What about all those things […]